Currently we are taking part as essential lenders in an exhibition about the architect Adolf Loos at the Museo del Disseny (Design Museum) in Barcelona. The title of the exhibition is Private Spaces and shows the work of Adolf Loos, who designed his architecture beyond his Raumplan (floorplan) from the inside to the outside.
Whereas his priority lay in the independent decision of his clients. The furniture he choose was influenced by anglophil furniture-designs and didn´t change essentially over a period of 30 years. His statement: it is easier to design a new chair than a better one affirms this fundamental concept. The variations of the furniture according to the particular users resulted in different settings in the interior, as todays postmodernism already considers it as given.

Exhibition Private Spaces, Barcelona
Cover of the invitation, Adolf Loos. Private Spaces, 2017/18

Current gallery exhibition: Zeit und Form
The sensitivity of artists responds to the period of time they live in. Cultural environment and politics ask for a new stylistic vocabulary and use of forms, which challenges the innovative ability of the artist. For the next generation these artistic achievements are a documentation of the previous past. Technology and the urge to let times move at a faster pace were the priorities of the 20th century. From Es and Über-Ich (Super-Ego) of the human psyche to the dawn of mankind into space. Electronics and the computer are the big challenges of our time.
Das menschliche Tun ist dem menschlichen Sein davongelaufen. (F. Dürrenmatt)
Marcel Duchamp elevated the act of thinking to an art form. Essential parts of todays art are not imaginable without Duchamps innovation of his Ready-mades. Joseph Beuys expanded this basis into the social-ethical, into the politics of art. Todays innovative artistic work shows also a manneristic component. With postmodernism, lifestyle and design, entertainment value gets a new importance. The clown steps into the art scene. (J. Hummel)

Man Ray, Obstruction
Man Ray Obstruction, Repro Tate Modern London, 1920. Photo: Mag. Barbara Kauba

With artworks by: Joseph Beuys, Marcel Duchamp, Paul McCarthy, Mario Merz, Man Ray, Gerrit Rietveld, Ben Vautier, Andy Warhol
A selection of Austrian artists: Heinz Frank, Bruno Gironcoli, Josef Hoffmann, Hermann Nitsch, Arnulf Rainer, Claudia Schumann, Richard Teschner, Franz West, Heimo Zobernig