CAPTURE THE INFORMEL, until 30th of November 2016.
As a contribution to Eyes On, Month of Photography and in conjunction with the gallery exhibition INFORMEL II a selection of photographs will be shown in which conscious and unconscious decisions of photographers result in informal art - further objects whose shape is also due to informal processes.

Ausstellung Galerie Hummel 2016 - INFORMEL 2
left: Man Ray, Lampshade. right: Otto Muehl, o.T. 1962/63

With artworks by Günter Brus, Marcel Duchamp, Gelitin, Bruno Gironcoli, Heidi Harsieber, Michaela Moscow, Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, Man Ray, Thomas Redl, Claudia Schumann, Rudi Stanzl, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Miroslav Tichy, Franz West among others

Exhibition dates INFORMEL II: until the 23rd of December 2016